Better Late - The Possé

The Possé are a Sydney based elastic supergroup with their own modern take on boogie, the Philly soul studio greats and Patrick Adams' pioneering NY disco. 

With Andrew Elston and Ross Ferraro at the core, the ensemble has expanded and retracted with different combinations of Jarrol Renaud, Michael Di Francesco (Touch Sensitive), NZ jazz keys prodigy Andrew Bruce and Harry Sutherland. 

Only these seasoned showmen could jam their sample free groove with such authenticity, peeling the roof off the darkest clubs to let Sydney's beating heat seep through. Recently signed to Plastic World, The Possé are already carving their name on the live circuit, selling out their Vivid Live residency at Cake Wines and supporting No Zu on their Afterlife tour.

Better Late couldn’t be more excited to present to you, The Possé. For the first time in Melbourne. Down South. In-The-Round.