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Transcontinental Vibrations - The Marabou Project and Special Guests

Seven seasoned Melbourne musicians combine their backgrounds in latin, jazz, African soul and funk traditions to create an irresistible trance that draws on the ancient Malinke rhythms of West Africa. A non stop journey of traditional melodies and riffs driven by a charge of irresistable African rhythms.

featured artists:

Lamine Sonko, Ousmane Sonko, Koffi Kunkpe, Elliot Follvig, Ronnie Ferella, Tim Matthew, Jacq Gawler, Bouba Gaye, Linden Lester, Gianni Marinucci, Bassidi Kon , Appiah Annan, Chabba Eshun, Nick Adams, Alejandro Vega , Julius Sackey, Bortier Okoe, Mohamed Camara and more.