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Transcontinental Vibrations - Tek Tek Ensemble & Sugar Fed Leopards

Transcontinental Vibrations @ The Night Cat - featuring TEK TEK ENSEMBLE + SUGAR FED LEOPARDS + D-Jinn. 

TEK TEK Ensemble is a multi-genre mini orchestra. Each member performs on at least two instruments, skillfully exploited for an impressive array of musical genres and expression. The balance of three guys and three girls captivate audiences with exclamatory trombone and trumpet; hedonistic violins and organ; deeply pulsating drums and bass; wild psychedelic electric guitar; and a rich smearing of harmonized singing (and wailing) thrown on top. TEK TEK perform virtuosic and original music inspired by tropical jungles, late night Balkan weddings, 1960s chic, and shamanistic desert rituals.
The band is representative of the fine quality music coming out of Melbourne and features members of: The Bombay Royale, Vulgargrad, The Puta Madre Brothers, Empat Lima, The Cumbia Cosmonauts, The Sugar Fed Leopards and Johnnie and the Johnnie Johnnies. TEK TEK Ensemble are from Melbourne, Australia but have performed numerous times across Australia, and twice across Europe.

Like a glitter comet from the wild side of the disco globe, Sugar Fed Leopards are a blazing sextet who ignite dance-floors with their cosmic cocktail of disco, soul, doo wop and hip swinging rock 'n' roll.
With smoking hot costumes, sweet harmonies, tight dance routines and a cranking rhythm section, Sugar Fed Leopards have been breaking a disco-sweat for the last two years, working damn hard to get the people of Australia in the good mood.
And working it is! Hitting the bulls eye earlier this year, Sugar Fed Leopards launched their debut album 'Sweet Spots' to sell out crowds of hysterical fans, expanding the horizons for this party hungry band.
It all began in Melbourne's concrete jungle when a rare bunch of renegade big cats bonded over their collective sweet tooth for fifties doo wop and voodoo rock 'n' roll. To celebrate, they popped a bottle of old school lemonade and clicked, howled and cat-walked their way into the night where the sounds of disco, rock n roll and doo wop were happily married together, and they were released from their sugar high.
Fronting this caper is Sugar Breath, fearless leader and vocalist, joined by back-up babes Lemona Squeeze and Carriemello Koala adding syrupy harmonies, Gum Ball Gray banging rhythms, Davide Dolce with his fizzy guitar and Kitty Kat down low on the bass.
Their irresistible sound has caught on, becoming a movement of hysterical proportions, spawning fanatical fan clubs and terrible tribute bands. Henceforth, Sugar Fed Leopards took a break from the savage heathens of the "down under" and escape to Europe in August 2015, caramelizing crowds across the northern hemisphere. Now, they are back to record a follow up album in the classy surrounds of Castlemaine and they hope to party into the summer 2016 somewhere near to you.