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Transcontinental Vibrations - Jarabi + Sultan

Jarabi presents a vibrant mix of traditional and contemporary music and dance from Guinea, West Africa, taking audiences on a journey from the ancient Manding Empire to contemporary city life. Founded by Guinean master musician Mohamed Camara, the ensemble features Mohamed's distinctly rich vocals, intricate melodies on the kora, guitar and balafon, upbeat drums, bass and percussion and dynamic dance. Combining the rich influence of Mohamed's Manding heritage with contemporary styles, Jarabi creates a unique sound that reflects Australia's vibrant and diverse music scene. You will find your feet and heart moved by the rhythms and songs of Guinea!

Sultan is the coming together of some of Melbourne's top performers of Middle Eastern music. The band is made up of traditional and non-traditional instruments and explores the ancient sounds of Anatolia and The Old World. Their performance is truly a journey from the shores of the Black Sea to the Arabic peninsular and North Africa. The music conjures the desert winds and the smell of spices and can be accompanied by either traditional dancers or exotic belly dancers.