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Transcontinental Vibrations : Papa Chango - Kattimoni - Dj Manchild

Subterranean, trance-like movements of afrobeat and ethio soul mashed up with psychedelic guitar lines and scatterings of broken brass is the order and Papa Chango delivers like no other. Unique in this thriving Melbourne scene they take it to the gritty edge, melding banging technique with playful exuberance. This Melbourne based 8-piece brings audiences to a frenzy on packed dance floors, evoking a hidden spirit within.  

Vibrant and energetic urban soul with groove based funk rhythms, reggae and hip-hop inspired vibes, Melbourne based, Kattimoni, is a powerhouse soul-mama vocalist arising in the global conscious music movement. Leading a diverse team of musicians from around the globe, their music empowers a message of hope, unity and transformation. 'Kattimoni' means to 'radiate light'. Strongly inspired by culture, diversity and community, Kattimoni's versatile style, distinctive vocals and sound capture the essence of their global identity.

DJ Manchild has been playing his funk, soul, latin, african, hip-hop, disco and beats to the dancefloors of Melbourne and beyond since early 2001. He has DJ'ed and dug for records in places as far flung as Mumbai, Lagos and Tokyo, bringing back booty for his PBS radio show The Breakdown which has been running for 7 years on Friday afternoons.