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Transcontinental Vibrations - Iaki Vallejo Band & Kekoson

Transcontinental Vibrations featuring Afro-Colombian Roots collective IAKI VALLEJO BAND and Cuban Son music stars KEKOSON on Friday the 16th of September at The Night Cat.


Iaki Vallejo has had a colourful musical history, performing globally at festivals around the world. Originally from Colombia but spending a decade in Italy, and time in Spain performing with Internationally renowned musicians has meant that her debut self-titled album combines world music from many regions, but with a distinct South-American flavour and excitement. Her strong energy and voice combined with her sensual dancing are sure to get everyone dancing and engaged with her music. Taken from her Afro-Colombian roots, musical traditions of cumbia, chande, bullerengue, funk and jazz are interwoven to create Iaki's original sound.

Masters of Cuban "SON" in Australia...

Kekoson perform the Cuban "SON" an upbeat style of Traditional Latin Music. The Cuban son is one of the most influential and widespread forms of Latin American music: its derivatives and fusions, especially salsa, have spread across the world and has been made popular in recent years by the "Buena Vista Social Club". The core of Kekoson is made up of two guitars, three part singing harmonies and the "bongos" an Afro-Cuban percussion instrument". Keko fronts the energetic and talented group of musicians including percussionist Sebastian Orellana, trumpet player Lazaro Numa, Tres instrumentalist Henry Saavedra and bassist Sergio Fredes. Theirs is the only traditional Cuban band to be recognised by the Cuban Ambassador in Australia.

Do not miss this incredible event and dancing shoes are highly essential!